Kranzle High Pressure Cleaner HD 7/122

Kranzle High Pressure Cleaner HD 7/122

SKU: A600001

Kranzle High Pressure Cleaner HD 7/122

Price: €769.99

The Kranzle HD 7/122 portable power washer is one of the portable Kränzle high-pressure cleaners which are distinguished by their convenient and compact design as well as by their robust everyday suitability. This popular power cleaner is sturdy, robust and durable and requires little maintenance. They are regularly used for tough jobs, car valeting as well as for cleaning driveways, paths, etc. They are compact and practical and can be easily carried around. They can withstand voltage fluctuations of up to approx 10%.


Technical Data:

  • Operating Pressure 120 bar
  • Water Output 7l/min
  • Suction Height 1.5m
  • Nozzle Size, DK028
  • Nozzle Size, flat jet lance 20028
  • Motor speed 1400rpm
  • Load 230 v
  • Power intake 1.6 kw
  • Power output 1.0kw
  • Weight 22kg
  • Dimensions (mm) 440 X 200 X 330