Kranzle 1152 TST Pressure Washer

Kranzle 1152 TST Pressure Washer

SKU: A602020

Kranzle 1152 TST Pressure Washer

Price: €1,075.99

The Kranzle 1152 TST is one of the cold water powerwashers which is easy to start and comes on its own integrated trolley. It comes complete with hose drum and high pressure hose.
Kranzle 1152 TST is one of the more versatile powerwashers on the market and is a popular choice of professional and domestic users.

  • Easy start
  • Integrated and roto-mold trolley
  • 5 m power lead
  • Hose drum with 15 m steel-weave high-pressure hose
  • Continuously adjustable pressure and quantity control
  • Total stop system
  • Brass pump head
  • Ceramic-coated pump plungers
  • Dry-run safety
  • Receptacle for ‘M2000’ gun and lance
  • Low pressure detergent

Technical Data:

  • Operating Pressure 130 bar
  • Water Output 10l/min
  • Nozzle Size, DK 042
  • Nozzle Size, flat jet lance 042 vario jet
  • Motor speed 2800rpm
  • Load 230 v
  • Power intake 2.8 kw
  • Power output 2.1kw
  • Weight 31.5kg
  • Dimensions (mm) 360 X 365 X 870