Kranzle 1050 TS Pressure Washer

Kranzle 1050 TS Pressure Washer

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Kranzle 1050 TS Pressure Washer

Price: €689.99

The Kranzle 1050 TS is regarded by many as the best power washer for domestic use on the market. For decades, the Kränzle brand has been regarded worldwide as the manufacturer of high quality products for professional applications. Owing to a smart and innovative design Kränzle has been able to successfully integrate its professional quality in a compact and elegant housing design for domestic customers in a space and cost saving manner. These machines offer you everything you would expect of a top quality product. Best power washer for domestic use.

Technical Data:

  • Operating Pressure 130 bar
  • Water Output 7.5l/min
  • Nozzle Size, DK03
  • Nozzle Size, flat jet lance 2003
  • Motor speed 2800rpm
  • Load 230 v
  • Power intake 2.5 kw
  • Power output 1.8kw
  • Weight 20kg
  • Dimensions (mm) 360 X 365 X 750