Honeywell Clearways Visor Polycarbonate

Honeywell Clearways Visor Polycarbonate


Honeywell Clearways Visor Polycarbonate

Price: €9.99

For strong, durable face protection that doesn’t break the budget, try this Honeywell Clearways clear polycarbonate visor. It’s designed for use with the accompanying range of browguards to suit your application and offers protection from impact and liquid splash.

Cost-effective face protection
• Creates a full face shield with the Clearways browguards (available separately)
• Clear polycarbonate visor for use in a variety of applications
• Full face shield offers medium-energy impact protection
• Full system protects against liquid splash
• Length: 200mm
• Full system weighs only 160g

EN 166:2001 1B 3
(when worn as part of a full face shield system with a browguard)